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Counting your breath to deal with Insomnia

It is certain that you usually do have trouble going into sleep after you lie down on bed. This is true for a lots of people these days, may he or she be student, housewife, lecturer, job holder and most of all software developer like me. These days i heard from a lots of people that they are having trouble sleeping even after they lie down in the bed for a long time, that is even couple of hour some times.

Firstly, this usually happens because thinking a lots of things. Although knowing that thinking too much is never a solution and leads to no where except to give pain to yourself. There are always a lots of tasks to compete in life along with the personal problems. Thinking less is always better, to do this we have to prioritize the task that we need to complete and then act accordingly. Writing the tasks that you want to accomplish in your life under a certain time frame will help you to make plans. You should worry about what you gonna do tomorrow rather than dwelling in your past. The more you think of your misdeed the more it will leads to suffering which will ultimately destroy your present and thus the future probably.

Secondly, this insomnia can be caused due to no physical exercise. For example: if you stay whole day watching TV doing no physical exercise, or sit in the laptop writing code for whole day and night like me then it is sure that you will have trouble sleeping at night. So, it is always good to walk around 3 Miles each day if possible or engage yourself in some kinds of house hold activities such as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning. Moreover, don’t stay whole day without talking to some one rather engage yourself in talking and laughing in person with someone may it be your Mom, Dad, brother, friend or anyone.

In spite of your dedication to follow healthy living style, sometimes you may be in the situation of staying in the bed lying even after multiple hours. For this i have a ultimate solution, if you follow this you don’t have to take sleeping pills and any other medication. The process i am going to give you is completely natural and i guarantee this will help you. Alright so let us begin.

Next time when you lay down in your bed just take a deep breath, inhale air with deep breath and exhale it slowly and count one, next repeat this process and after next inhale and exhale count two. Repeat this step until you get asleep. While performing this you may forget to count and go back to thinking. It is not a problem, you can again count from one after you realize that you have forgot counting. If you do this and follow counting, i am pretty sure that you will fall asleep before you will count one hundred.

To sum up, this technique of counting the breath and being aware can really  help you to fall asleep during insomnia.

Does this technique help you? Please share your experience with me in the comment below.