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The importance of writing in my Life

I have always been passionate about writing and it is the only way by which i learn quickly. The time when i learn things by making a notes, i understand the matter sooner. In spite of this, my writing is not so good however, i always want to improve my writing.

I remember when i started learning by writing, it was some class of around 4th grade but i am not sure. I believed that learning by writing is the best way than just reading and memorizing however this may not be true for everyone but at least for me. Then after that until now i learn things by writing. It has proved to be working effectively for me.

Despite the fact that learning by writing is perfect for me, many times in my life i have just written without trying to understand the subject matter i.e sub-consciously. The main problem with me while learning things is that i get distracted easily. It is always hard for me to concentrate on things.

Most of the time i learned by writing it has been my goal just to complete the writing rather than also to understand the things, this is my greatest challenge. Moreover if this is always the case then there is no use of writing at all. One of the main factor of my distraction has been a Facebook. Although i believe that i will be able to reduce this distraction drastically in my future learning.

To sum up, my mind catches the things quickly when i learn by making notes. My main challenge is to get myself focused on the task i am currently doing. Hopefully i will get through this and enhance my writing skills.