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It all requires one step, let us always take it

The time flows like a river, it is certain that it won’t wait and we can not travel back in time. The yesterday is history so we can not change it. In spite of not being able to change the history, we should analyze it and learn from it piece by piece. Today, me running at the age of 25 i feel that i have missed many opportunities because of not taking a simple step that would require for the great beginning.

Being in this place, staying idle these days, i analyze the past and have concluded that for the great change we will require one small yet courageous thing that is act at a right moment. This one act will make a path to huge possibility and success that i will wear throughout my life.

In spite of knowledge to these things, i have always tried to be lazy to act and take one great step. If i don’t act one thing in the right moment than it is sure that i will not grow. Staying idle and being logically paralyzed will never lead to victory.

Overthinking and being a slave of materialistic world has made me a tortoise in action and rabbit in steadiness. Fear is one great thing that is yet to be conquered and so is failure. If you fear the failure is sure. But if you show courage at one little time then there is a huge possibility to win the situation. Any way for a thing that to be afraid right now will not matter after months if not years for sure.

To sum up the fear leads to failure. For victory courage at the right place is essential and the last point is we should act. No matter a small action, without action we are doomed.