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What is Philosophy?

  1. Philosophy is Working out the right way to think about things. (Rather than best)
  2. It is a way to stepping back and working right way of thinking about things.
  3. It is an activity.
  4. Philosophy is learning specific tools and techniques to reason, argue and express yourself.

All subjects, not just philosophy, try and think about things in right way. 

For examples:

  1. While doing physics, we investigate physical reality construction experiments, measuring and formulating theories.
  2. But while doing philosophy of physics, we might ask: What do we mean by physical reality?, How do experimental results confirm or dis confirm a hypothesis?, or something like “What distinguish a good scientific from bad one?”


  1. When practicing medicine we try to heal or treat people according to our current best medical theories.
  2. When doing philosophy of medicine, we might step back and think about whether the concepts our best medical theories employ make sense, or what ‘health’ and ‘sickness’ really mean.