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Graduated from Charles Sturt University - Master of Information Technology

Event Information, Location - Rosehill Gardens, NSW, Australia, Time: 10th of December, 2019 at 2pm

Sudeep Acharya

I am very happy to announce that i have now graduated in Master of Information Technology from Charles Sturt University Australia after i had graduated in Bachelor of Software Engineering in 2017.

Sudeep Acharya Graduation photo

Charles Sturt University Graduation Ceremony, 10th of December, 2019

We have also captured the video of hat throwing.

See Video on YouTube

About Graduation Day: I woke up, shaved, had my hair cut and had a bath. Then i had my breakfast and i got ready in the blue coat and black pant. I had two guest tickets for my parents but they could not made it to the ceremony in this day due to some reason.

I then took a Bus from Parramatta Station to the venue Rosehill Gardens. I recently moved to Parramatta 3 and a half months ago. It was good cause i didn’t had to travel long for Graduation ceremony.

I arrived to the venue 15 minutes before 12AM. There was 3 different ceremony for the graduation one in the morning, day and evening. Among these i had mine at day time. After waiting for few minutes, i met with Mohan and Bijay who were the friends from my Bachelor life. I also met few friends from CSU at the venue and i went to register my name to get Guest Tickets, Gown and Hat. I met with staffs from college such as Luke Cox (Student’s counsellor).

I had some photo session with my friends then our convocation ceremony started and end at 4PM. There was no one to capture the video for me while i got the award. I was called to get the award in stage in the second position after the mate who got gold medal.

After 4PM i met with my evening friends and had photo session. I then sat in the evening ceremony as a Guest, the evening ceremony concluded at 7:15PM. I then went to my friend Ujjwol home, where we had party then i reached to Parramatta at around 2AM.