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Happy New Year 2019!

Hello guys!

It’s been so long that i haven’t posted in this blog. I have posted just one post in this year 2018. In this year a lot of good things happened to me.

I came to Australia in February 15, 2018 for studying Masters in Information Technology at Charles Sturt University in Sydney. At the time of writing this post, i just completed my two semesters and i am now on summer break which ends in March 4, 2019. In the year 2018 i devoted very less time on writing the code, building something great which i am gonna go rapidly in this new year. In 2019 i am gonna read at least 10 books, visit Nepal, meet new people, make new friends, find a new way to generate income and most importantly try to conquer myself.

Through this post i just want to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to the person or bot who is reading this post right now. I wish best of the best for you. I hope you have a great prosperous, productive and planning come true year for you.

Cheers Guys!

God Be With You and Me!