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Hiking to Pumdikot View Tower

Today [23 March 2017 12:00-18:00], Me and my friend Srawan K.C with this dog went to hiking to Pumdikot View Tower. I will cover about our hiking in this post.

Our route: Jarebar -> Damside -> World Peace Pagoda(Shanti Stupa) -> Pumdikot View Tower

Yesterday night i sent a message to Srawan to go for a hiking. He then replied me today at 11AM with a plan to hike to Pumdikot. It was a new place to me, whereas he has been there previously. I then reached to Srawan’s house at about 12:00. I kept my Scooter there and then we started our journey. We made a decision to take his dog with us.

In the way we had some difficulty since other dogs in the street tried to attack our dog but we handled the situation with care. We walked to Damside and then we took the road to World Peace Pagoda. It took around 1 hour for us to reach there with some 15 minutes of break. From World Peace Pagoda we took the road to Pumdikot View Tower.

Board Way to Pumdikot

Board showing way to Pumdikot

We reached to Pumdikot at about 3:00 PM. We then went to top of the tower. Below is the photo taken at the top of the tower.

Sudeep and Srawan at Pumdikot

Sudeep And Srawan at Pumdikot View Tower

Today the day was cloudy and foggy. There was no sun so mountains were hidden. We missed the mountains in the photo. From the top of view tower we could see Sarangkot and other places near around Pokhara Valley. It is so peaceful and calm in that place. We enjoyed the view for about half and hour.

North from Pumdikot

View of north as seen from Pumdikot view tower

World Peace Pagoda from Pumdikot

World Peace Pagoda as seen from Pumdikot View Tower

South from Pumdikot View tower

Southern part of Pudmikot view tower

We then went to hotel which was the only hotel that we could see. It was inside the gate area of view tower itself. We ate noodles and feed biscuits to the dog. At about 4:00 PM, we started to walk back.

Back from Pumdikot

Returning back from Pumdikot view tower

Srawan and his dog

Srawan with his dog while returning back from Pumdikot view tower

While returning back after we crossed the Peace Pagoda, we had some incident. When we were in the road of jungle, we had decided to unchain the dog. Because of being unchained the dog could move freely. We were walking slowly and the dog was something like 5 meter ahead of us. It saw the rabbit on the way and it attacked the rabbit and ran by catching the rabbit in its mouth. We tried to save the rabbit but it was already dead when we got the dog.

Dog attacked Rabbit

Dog attacked rabbit while returning back from Pumdikot and World Peace Pagoda

We then decided to take the dead rabbit to home and give it to the dog. We continued our journey back to home. During our return we had to deal with other street dogs which were so aggressive to attack our dog. When we were home it was around 5:45PM.